Valentina Remenar is a traditional and digital illustrator, concept artist and graphic designer from Croatia, currently based in Slovenia, who works primarily on game concepts, book covers, posters, character design, and digital illustrations. Valentina is fluent in English, Slovenian, Croatian, and related languages such as Serbian and Bosnian. Some of her past clients include Outfit7 Ltd. (Ekipa2 d.o.o. subsidiary), DeviantArt, 3dtotal, West Studio, ImagineFX, Celsys, Makkon, Amnesty International…

Art styles

She enjoys working with a variety of styles, including anime, semi-realism, realism, fantasy, sci-fi, matte painting, B&W toned drawings, and more. Please feel free to check out her portfolio, available here. For information on commissions, please check the Commission Information and Policies menu here.



Valentina currently uses a Wacom Cintiq 27QHD tablet. Most of her artworks are created on Adobe Photoshop CC, though she also sometimes uses Clip Studio Paint EX and Corel Painter.

Computer hardware – Intel Core I7-3770K @4.3 GHz, 32GB of RAM, Radeon HD7870, 4x 2TB HDD, 256GB Samsung EVO SSD, Blu-ray rewriter and MSI Z77A-G43 motherboard


Valentina’s artworks and tutorials have been featured in various books and magazines, some of which are listed below.

+ Beginner’s Guide to Creating Manga Art by 3dtotal
+ Digital Art Masters: Volume 8 by 3dtotal
+ Digital Art Masters: Volume 9 by 3dtotal
+ Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 8 by 3dtotal
+ GRAPHITE issue 07 by 3dtotal
+ PRIME Digital Art Collection by 3dtotal
+ ImagineFX magazine – June 2013 issue
+ ImagineFX magazine – May 2015 issue (121)
+ ImagineFX magazine – November 2016 issue (140)
+ ImagineFX magazine – 163 issue (2018)
+ MAGnet magazine – March 2018
+ Ethereal artbook
+ Threads artbook
+ ALUO LXX Preteklost, sedanjost, prihodnost/ Past, Present, Future


Valentina has written several tutorials on anatomy and her personal painting techniques. These tutorials can be found through the link below. She has also written tutorials for 3DTotal books, which can be found through the “Books and Magazines” section above.


Progress videos of Valentina’s work can be found on her YouTube channel through the link below.

YouTube channel

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